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#1 2004-08-30 00:56:17

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0.7-base, pppoe nano


Just installed Arch Linux on my old p2.
It was a nice install, without problems, and have a Linux system along with Windows XP ( Which is way to heavy for my old machine ( installed Arch Linux to get a fast an light system)).
Then the trouble starts. I cannot get into internet, and therefor I cant use pacman to install any programs to my Arch system. My Arch system is very boring right now.

First I tried to find the rp-pppoe pack, as suggested in some manual. But did not found it. Maybe I need internet to install it?
Then I found an old router, which dial up the adsl-modem by itself. I found the /etc/rc.conf -file. The Idea was to set eth0 to "dhcp", and hope.... But I could not find nano, even though I am sure I used it during installation. I found "vi" but I don't understand it at all. I managed to insert the text I wanted (yes: the insert button), but I can not save the document.

Put rp-pppoe and nano in the base-install, delete vi if possible.


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Re: 0.7-base, pppoe nano

halus wrote:

Put rp-pppoe and nano in the base-install

I agree. Strange nano is not included when it can be used during installation to edit system files.



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Re: 0.7-base, pppoe nano

To save in vim do like this:

<ESC>:wq<ENTER>  big_smile

you must also start it as root using the "su" command.

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Re: 0.7-base, pppoe nano

If you want these on the base install cd, you should probably submit a bug report.  I doubt that vi/vim will be removed from anywhere anytime soon.

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