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#1 2009-03-08 13:43:34

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Can't set wallpaper in IceWM

Hi there,

I can't set my wallpaper in IceWM. No matter whether I use icebgset or edit ~/.icewm/preferences manually, there's still the default theme background as desktop wallpaper. How do I change that?


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#2 2009-03-08 15:03:44

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Re: Can't set wallpaper in IceWM

Should be trivial, imho. I never had problems with this one. Best post your startup and preferences files.
I have in preferences.

# icewmbg preferences
# IMPORTANT: You MUST run icewmbg (probably before icewm)
#            to set the background!

#  Display desktop background centered and not tiled
DesktopBackgroundCenter=0 # 0/1

#  Support for semitransparent terminals like Eterm or gnome-terminal
# SupportSemitransparency=1 # 0/1

#  Desktop background scaled to full screen
# DesktopBackgroundScaled=0 # 0/1

#  Desktop background color
DesktopBackgroundColor = "rgb:00/20/40"

#  Desktop background image
DesktopBackgroundImage = "/home/bp/.icewm/IceWMBackgroundImage.img"

#  Color to announce for semi-transparent windows
# DesktopTransparencyColor=""

#  Image to announce for semi-transparent windows
# DesktopTransparencyImage=""

Do you run a desktop manager, by chance? They tend to do the background stuff by themselves.
I run IDesk, but do not use their background capability in my .ideskrc:

table Config
  FontName: Sans
  FontSize: 9
  FontColor: #ffffff
  Locked: false
  Transparency: 40
  Shadow: true
  ShadowColor: #000000
  ShadowX: 1
  ShadowY: 2
  Bold: false
  ClickDelay: 200
  IconSnap: true
  SnapWidth: 50
  SnapHeight: 50
  SnapOrigin: BottomRight
  SnapShadow: true
  SnapShadowTrans: 200
  CaptionOnHover: false

table Actions
  Lock: control right doubleClk
  Reload: control left doubleClk
  Drag: control middle hold
  EndDrag: control middle singleClk
  Execute[0]: left singleClk
  Execute[1]: right singleClk

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#3 2009-03-08 18:09:24

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Re: Can't set wallpaper in IceWM

try using an external program to set wallpapers like feh or nitrogen.

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#4 2009-12-17 17:57:49

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Re: Can't set wallpaper in IceWM

The readme says you must run "icewmbg" for activation of wallpaper

It worked fine for me

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#5 2009-12-26 19:22:17

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Re: Can't set wallpaper in IceWM

i ve had the same problem but you can set a wallpaper using xv
add this line in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc just before "exec icewm"
xv -root -quit -max /home/keen/wallpapers/image.jpg


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