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Problems mounting Samba/CIFS share..

I am having troubles mounting a share from a server running Windows Server 2003.  I am able to mount the server as root, but am unable to mount it as a user.  Here is what I have in fstab :

//dev1-04/wwwdev$ /mnt/dev cifs user,noauto,username=mikec 0 0

I'm ignorant when it comes to linux file permissions by the way..  So I want to be able to mount the share without being root, thats all.  When I try, I get a permission denied error.  It sounds simple enough..I would just like someone to point me in the right direction.

Upong reading into some other forums, I was pointed to some a note in the man page that I had overlooked. 

This command may be used only by  root,  unless  installed  setuid, in which case the noeexec and nosuid mount flags are enabled.

Okay, well I understand that and all, but I'm still confused.  How will this help me.  I will accept casual put downs and insults to my long as they are accompanied by kind suggestions. 


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