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#26 2005-04-21 17:34:29

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Re: distribution similar to Arch? also a rant as of now

Kern, anyone who reads the posts will se why this turned into a "rant", so no news there... Also, if people can't take critisism thats not my problem.

Also, I am now telling people that there is a showstopper bug, and nothing is done with that sort of urgency. And I get flamed because I say that. And you're all (most of people) are trying to say that I'M bad for the community. If within your "community" you all wish to think that you should be silent about problems because it will offend people who are not doing what they are supposed to do, well.... how is that right?

All my comments that people are quoting back at me as if to say something clever... I wrote those in response to things said to me, so unless you read EVERYTHING, you cannot possible understand what I'm trying to say.

And about AUR... I had high hopes for that, I was also thinking of helping as a PKGBUILD is propably the best piece of coding I can do right now! Now I can't see why. Why should I help when most people in here like to suck up to eachother or mention Judd whenever they can?

An example to anyone for community spirit: Gentoo Forums. I don't even use Gentoo anymore till I get a new hard drive, but I still post with help and support there, because they don't make people feel like outcasts.

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Re: distribution similar to Arch? also a rant as of now

Ok, this has spiraled wildly out of control.  Before any more negativity is spewed, I'm going to lock this.  If it's really that important to continue this discussion, feel free to PM me, and I can unlock it.

Anyway, it appears everyone has said their part...

Remember guys, this is supposed to be fun!


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