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#1 2005-05-26 08:58:49

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(Paranoid) physically locking down harddrives through the FS

Basically what I have and want to do is lock down my fs including swap.  Basically I use my linux box for file sharing ect.  Some of my files on this box are lets say are not kosher.  Basically what I want are encrytpted hard drives (both are non-removable).  I really don't care if the startup of the system requires passwords to boot up and require physical apperance to enter them in.  My box has had times of 6 months of up time without reboot (gotta love linux).  I know I am looking into a bit of a performance decrease but i am willing to take the hit.  I read a little about loop aes from but nothing to relavent.  Right now my linux box is going through a Gutmann format and awaiting my new installation of Arch hopefully with cryto'ed drives.  I tried looking for packages and ect.. but no luck.  I was wondering if someone has done this before share with me how to do it that is also using Arch.  Before I get flamed that if any gov agency(or corps that like to act like gov agency, I won't say names....MPAA) want to break it they can...I know they have the resources to do it but the cost of doing this for the files I have will not be cost effective.  Any help would great...


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Re: (Paranoid) physically locking down harddrives through the FS

If you're attracked that much attention that they confiscate your pc and start looking on your harddrive then it's alreay way too late, because they already have enough evidence from tapped internet traffic.


#3 2005-05-26 16:29:22

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Re: (Paranoid) physically locking down harddrives through the FS

of course , archlinux community, admin, or users couldnt possibly condone or advise on activity to circumvent copyright, or encourage illicit activity.

you are of course confusing this forum with a WaRez/SeRialz/Pr0n type of  forum arent you?


#4 2005-05-26 17:21:10

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Re: (Paranoid) physically locking down harddrives through the FS

the best protection against getting caught breaking the law is to not break the law wink

other than that...once you've broken the law, you can't really protect yourself - you can only try not to get caught.  i3839 is right, if they're confiscating your PC you're already pretty well screwed.  And believe me, it's not that hard to get past any encryption stuff you could possibly put on your drives.  It'd take them an hour at most - they already have all the tools.


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Re: (Paranoid) physically locking down harddrives through the FS

Yeah, Kern has it right - I'm not a big fan of condoning illegal activity... this is a linux forum for users, not a staging ground for an FBI raid (how would judd feel if someone confiscated this server as evidence?)



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