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How to install Realtek 8192cu USB driver?

Hey everyone,

I've been experimenting with Arch Linux for about 3 weeks now.
This is my setup:
Dell Optiplext GX620 SF
Intel Pentium D 820 Processor @ 2.80Ghz (Dual core)
1GB Ram
DE: Xfce4

Now I've purchased a WiFi USB Adapter because it's not practical to get a UTP-cable
all across the house into my room. The Adapter is called "Hercules WiFi N150 Pico".
Picture: … 258090.jpg
I've searched for a Wiki on this device and found one: … 0_USB_Pico
The wiki indicates that my adapter is using the Realtek RTL8188CUS Chipset.
According to other information on the internet the appropriate driver according to this chipset and my device is the RTL8192cu driver.
So I've went to Realtek's site, downloaded the Linux drivers for rtl8192cu.

Now my question is: "How do I install this driver?"
I've been trying all kinds of stuff I could find on different forums but in the end I've never succeeded
to get it working properly. The furthest that I've succeeded was getting the Adapter to scan for my network.
And it succeeded... but after that I've gotten random "kernel panics" which brutalized my system.
Small notice: My WiFi router uses WPA-PSK security.

As I'm sick and tired of trial and error I would love to know the solution of one of you experts... smile
If I can't fix it then there is little use for my Arch system and I'll be forced to get back to Linux Mint Debian Edition Xfce... sad


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Re: How to install Realtek 8192cu USB driver?

* bump *

Is there really no-one out there who has experienced the same problems?
I really need some help on this one...


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Re: How to install Realtek 8192cu USB driver?

Why don't you see how LMDE handles it, and see if you can do the same on Arch?

Apart from that, your descriptions of what you tried ("all kinds of stuff I could find") and what went wrong ("random kernel panics") are a bit vague. More details will help others to help you.


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Re: How to install Realtek 8192cu USB driver?

Alright, this is what I did on Linux Mint Debian Edition (Xfce):
Downloaded the drivers from Realtek (8192cu.tar.gz).
Extracted them. Got into the map "drivers" of the extracted tarball.
Opened a terminal up there.

Issued the following commands:
sudo make install
sudo insmod 8192cu.ko

And that's it...
It was recognized immediately by NetworkManager and WPA-PSK connnection was succesfull.

Now my question is, how do I do it on Arch Linux?
There has to be a proper way to install a Realtek WiFi driver on Arch Linux, but I can't seem to find it...

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Re: How to install Realtek 8192cu USB driver?

Maybe the same steps?

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Re: How to install Realtek 8192cu USB driver?

There are a couple of threads here that you might want to look at

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