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setting up printer with ipp

I have been trying to set up my printer using ipp but I cant get it to work. Its currently set up as below:


However, when I issue a CLI command to print

lp <filename>

it reaches the print queue and I see it on localhost:631and listed in the jobs list, but it doesn't actually print the file. Goes to "waiting for job to complete" Same thing if I print thru leafpad or libreoffice.


But if change it to a lpd connection then everything works fine.

But I want to figure out why ipp doesn't work even when lpoptions says that it supports ipp

auth-info-required=none copies=1 device-uri=ipp://localhost:631/printers/EPSON_XP-300 finishings=3 job-hold-until=no-hold job-priority=50 job-sheets=none,none marker-change-time=0 number-up=1 printer-commands=none printer-info='EPSON XP-300' printer-is-accepting-jobs=true printer-is-shared=false printer-location='Computer Roon' printer-make-and-model='Epson XP-402 403 405 406 Series - epson-inkjet-printer 1.0.0-1lsb3.2 (Seiko Epson Corporation LSB 3.2)' printer-state=3 printer-state-change-time=1360115157 printer-state-reasons=none printer-type=2142220 printer-uri-supported=ipp://localhost:631/printers/EPSON_XP-300

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Re: setting up printer with ipp

I don't fully understand your setup. Where is your printer and your computer? According to the image, you are trying to connect to an ipp server that is running on your PC. This ipp server should then be configured to use your printer; which does not seem to be the case. But if that's your setup, I don't fully understand what your real goal is. If you want to print to a remote ipp server, then you should configure cups to connect to this remote server, not localhost and this seems to be your setup with lpd.

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Re: setting up printer with ipp

If you are connecting to a remote ipp printer then you need to have a remote uri when you select ipp and its' address and it will create a local entry in your cups setup.

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