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Does MAC protect Linux from being hacked via network?


Sorry for the perhaps implicit title, the words count is limited.

So um what I mean is,
if I have MAC(Mandatory Access Control) system deployed and limiting certain softwares(web browsers, server daemon, etc),
and someone is trying to hack into the OS via network, can the MAC system limit the damage done by exploits of those softwares as well?
Like if the software is hacked successfully, can the hacker still access resources which is not whitelisted by the MAC system?

I hope that's the correct phrasing, pardon me if it's the otherwise.

Thank you for your time.


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Re: Does MAC protect Linux from being hacked via network?

in theory, so long as there are no issues with the configuration or the MAC controller itself. the biggest problem with MAC is setup, since it uses a whitelist and not a blacklist.

I would look at the simpler systems, then cgroups, before looking into MAC

the main take away is that your system will still be compromised, and depending on the system that they gain access to, MACs may or may not offer any benefit, but do offer a world of headache

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Re: Does MAC protect Linux from being hacked via network?

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