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Fluxbox and xfce4-terminal do not integrate well together

My issue is very much related to what was brought up here:

When I first boot and execute Fluxbox, xfce4-terminal does not have window borders and it is always on top:

After restarting Fluxbox via the menu, the problem disappears:

I've played around with the settings in ~/.fluxbox, but I'm not sure what to do at this point.

I don't think this should be in Newbie Corner, rather it should probably be in Applications and Desktop Environments. But the original unsolved issue was in Newbie Corner, so I'm continuing it here.


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Re: Fluxbox and xfce4-terminal do not integrate well together

Well I can always move it to the Applications and Desktop Enviroments. If you feel a thread is not correctly placed you can use the Report link to let a moderator know

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