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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

ewaller wrote:
WFV wrote:

Rant over, back on Arch, need to find a 12 step program for staying here...

Arch Anonymous? hey, that could be the name of another distro wink

On and on anon?


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Is Antergos counting here? smile


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

zoli62 wrote:

Is Antergos counting here? smile

It's not supported here.  There is the Arch way.  If you follow the official installation guide you end up with a solid base system.  Then you build up your specific choices.  Many Arch-derivatives rob you of that choice.  They're preconfigured with choices made for you.

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Greetings again fellow Archers. I've been using Arch for over a year now, and the deeper I've gone, the more I've fallen in love. My first Arch install was cheating, as I used Antergos, which very soon afterward I converted to native Arch. After that I installed Arch the official native way three other times (one of which was on old hardware that died). The two other installs that continue to this day, along with the first install, have made me a life-long convert to Arch Linux and the Arch Way. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for Arch Linux and the Arch community and ecosystem, and my desire, intention, and need to contribute to Arch and do my best to help it continue into perpetuity grow stronger every day. To do this I need to learn a few programming languages well, which sadly is not something I've done yet, though my awareness of the necessity of this also grows daily.

In the year plus that I've been using Arch, for most of that time as my main daily-driver OS, I've met my share of challenges from time to time, and with community help originally, as well as now where I have gotten so familiar and accustomed to the problems that arise in Arch that any issues that have arisen I've been able to solve quickly, that my three Arch installs have been extremely stable and reliable for the vast majority of that time. My next frontier is diving into multiple programming languages to be able to more fully contribute to my beloved OS.

Originally I tri-booted with Windows and Ubuntu. After having immersing myself in Arch in the past year, as I went deeper and deeper, and became more enthralled and passionate about it, I finally wiped both Windows and Ubuntu from my hard drives, and have been running Arch exclusively (aside from running Windows in VirftualBox VMs) for most of the past year.

My three Arch installs are as follows:

1st Arch Install on my 1TB laptop hard drive (via Antergos, soon converted to native Arch): Tuesday, September 19, 2017 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
[2017-09-19 00:53 (12:53 AM)] - State: Healthy and Fully Functional

2nd Arch Install on a 500GB hard drive that I swap in and out of my laptop as needed (first native and official install): Sunday, November 5, 2017 PST (Pacific Standard Time - started at 2AM)
[2017-11-05 05:47 (5:47 AM)] - State: Healthy and Fully Functional

3rd Arch Install on a 1TB desktop system (second native and official install): Wednesday, January 17, 2018 PST (Pacific Standard Time)
[2018-01-17 10:04 (10:04 AM)] - State: Healthy and Fully Functional

I fricking LOVE Arch Linux, and I want, need, desire, and intend to contribute (I have in small ways, but nothing of great import yet), so finally, finally, finally diving into deeply learning a few pertinent programming languages is top on my to-do list for the near future.

Thank you to every single individual who has helped to make Arch what it is today! I am forever in your debt! Arch is very important to me, and I want to do everything in my power to help it continue for as long as possible.

*bows deeply*

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Arch rules!


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