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#1 2020-09-14 04:41:05

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Use an Arch machine as a ISP Router "Replacement"

Hi guys im a little bored during this pandemic and i just want to find myself something to keep me entertained and probably learn something, but anyway, i just want to know if my idea is possible and how i can accomplish it, i explain.

I want to replace some of the functions that my ISP cable router does such as DHCP Server, Firewall and NAT with an Archlinux machine i have lying around, i know that i cannot completely remove the router from the network, simply because it decodes the coaxial cable signal into "usable information", but i have the idea that i can configure the router to use a "bridged" connection with the arch machine, as far as i know this will pass through all the packets to the archlinux machine without any NAT or anything like that, but im not sure if that is completely true, also i want to use the machine as a WiFi access point so all my devices like laptops o smartphones will connect to it instead of the router, also i was thinking about using the machine as a "system wide" firewall and as a DHCP server.

is all of this even possible?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Use an Arch machine as a ISP Router "Replacement"

millocorona wrote:

is all of this even possible?



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